Surprising Find

I am working on some wagons for Malifaux for a story encounter. I can do the wagons, that is no real issue, but the horses… Well, I am not good enough at sculpting to “whip out” a dozen or so that look all that good. While gathering supplies for the wagons at Michael’s I ran across “Safari Ltd TOOBS Horses”.

I keep a slip of paper in my wallet with the height of a Malifaux model’s top of head as well as bottom of head. Using the larger Orderly from the Malifaux Starter Set gives me a good range of large and small models. I keep this so I can compare random finds to models to decide if it is worth the trouble to get the thing-that-might-be-cool.

So here are these horse, 12 pre-painted different breeds of horse, for only $9.99. There are about right, with the caveat that Clydesdales are the same size as the Haflinger… but, I am not trying for perfection just functionality. They are all about 30mm to the back and 45mm to the head… about right. Not perfect, but good for wagon horses. (Alright, pre-painted usually isn’t ideal, but the paint jobs are okay, and the gloss of the models can be reduced with a flat coat of sealant.)

I am now wondering if any of the others from Safari might work. Those that I saw were all over the place, but who knows?

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