Surprising Find

I am working on some wagons for Malifaux for a story encounter. I can do the wagons, that is no real issue, but the horses… Well, I am not good enough at sculpting to “whip out” a dozen or so that look all that good. While gathering supplies for the wagons at Michael’s I ran across “Safari Ltd TOOBS Horses”.… Read more →

Unisystem Failure

Unisystem is a weak system on many fronts. It is math heavy, it fails at scaling to more powerful game settings (like Armageddon or Witchcraft) and it has no fumble system. While fixing the scaling issues are outside my desire right now, and the math issue is just an endemic failure of the system, the “fumble” issue can be fixed.… Read more →


So, I was sitting at the game table last Saturday bored shitless and waiting for the players to figure out if they were going to do anything and I noticed my boxes of unpainted miniatures. I think it’s time to paint. What got me started was a set of minis from Wyrd Games’ Ten Thinders. The imagery is creative and… Read more →